The Challenges Faced By Artists For Prize Design

The most awaiting awards ceremony the Nobel Prize keeps many busy before and after the event. People get recognition for years of hard work and with the last of the prize for economics were announced recently marking the end of the event. What makes the prize special is not just the recognition, certificates, medals and cash awards but an original piece of art that marks their accomplishment. This alert watercolorist Hasse Karlson will be tasked to produce art for economics prize depending on who the winner will be. What Karlsson was saying is that it would be better if there are one or two than three it would be less stressful, he laughs.

Now with just a week to get the colors ready and calligraphers need to get ready to ink the right colors. The final awards function in December and the artwork needs to be ready by mid November. Karlsson had worked on three painting last year. The one with figures with overcoats and light spluttering from the streetlights and windows was given to the physicists who were awarded noble price for blue LED lights. The topic was suitable for the art, and it was easier to design, but it was not the same for other subjects.

Another renowned artist Susanne Jardeback, who made a design for 2013 physicist Peter Higgs and Fran├žois Englert for the existence of a particle named Higgs Boson. The behavior of Higgs boson is more like a sombrero graph, so the image was included in the collage. The background will have a sky she said as Higgs boson is a God particle and sky is holy. This inspired the color palette making it aquamarine blues with a glimpse of celestial gold. The artwork for 2012 Nobel winner for Chemistry Dr. Robert Lefkowitz was also created by Jardeback, and it still hangs in the office of the Nobel laureate.

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