Disable-Friendly Kitchens Trend is Rising

The Fox Television Master Chef show reached a new pinnacle with Christine Ha. Called the Blind Cook she used a walking stick to figure out the stage. Ha had to depend on her senses to identify the ingredients. The highlight is that she ended up winning the season with her Vietnamese catfish dish that simply bowled the judges. Statistics has it that 38 million Americans suffer from severe physical disabilities; find out how they manage their kitchen chores.

Nicolas Steenhout, a graduate from the culinary school, is a chef by profession. He has paralyzed himself in a rock climbing accident. His interest in cooking changed his life. Normally everyone has a fully adapted kitchen based on their disabilities. This can be in the form of lowered countertops or using new appliances. But for many this is financial stress as remodeling needs fund. The point reiterated here is that everyone should learn how to cook irrespective of their disabilities.

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