Cargo Ship El Faro Debris Floats To Bahamas Shore

A refrigerator unit was recently found on the beaches of Bahamas that are confirmed to be the debris from the El Faro. The tracking number revealed that it was from a container that was on El Faro. The ship was the last position off Crooked Island. The debris was found in San Salvador. The debris is expected to be from the container that has been washed up to the islands in the Bahamas as reported by the Nassau Guardian newspaper reporter. The pictures of the washed items showed deodorants and body wash. On the beach were found syringes, tennis shoes, toiletries, and shaving cream.

Residents walking on the beach discovered many items and are taking it away reports Cartwright-Caroll. The El Faro is believed to have sunk in the between the Exuma Island and San Salvador. Tote Maritime the owners of El Faro are making inquiries into the mishap. The people of the island are just aware of the mishap informs Cartwright-Carroll. Some unusual items like a jar containing yellow capsules were also found. There was also a freezer filled with candies and chocolates also found informed a resident.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of Tote Services informed that they are aware of the mishap and authorities are working out to verify if the materials found are from El Faro. The National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Peter C Knudson said in a statement that reports of debris from the Bahamas have not been received by NTSB formally. Though, it was revealed that they would be interested in vital system debris like lifesaving equipment.

The reports from the US Navy are awaited if the debris washed away belongs to El Faro. There is no concrete evidence and Lonnie Samuels the brother crew of the ship said that unless there are closures the family members will not come to a conclusion that they have lost their loved ones.

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